Monday, April 23, 2012

Talk about karma.

One of my friend told me he has been haunted by KARMA now, after doing bad thing to other people 3 years ago. He left his girlfriend for other woman without telling her anything, didnt give her any sign. At that time he didnt feel guitly at all. He was very happy with the new woman. And now the woman left him for younger man. She just ditch him away, similar way he left his previous girlfriend. He said to me, karma is doing its job, its take only 3 years to punish him for the wrong doing. "What ever you give, you get back". Popular qoute. Everyone know it.

I now single after being double for almost three years. Do I now been punished by my own KARMA? I take 'him' from other woman. I was young and stupid last time, he told me he already break up from his fiance. And right after 3 years (yes, also 3 years) he went away from me. Seems like karma is punishing me. Serve me right. Will pray for that 'kakak' hapiness ever after. I heard shes already married. She called me, to confirm my relationship with her fiance at that time, shes nice and soft talking person. Dont ever take others happiness for yours, maybe the most selfish thing to do. KARMA will for sure punish you well.  


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