Sunday, April 15, 2012

Manusia itu tidak sempurna

Sepanjang hidup mungkin kita akan ade seorang atau lebih idola atau orang yang betul-betul buat kita kagum. Kita nak mencontohi dia, nak jadi macam dia, nak berjaya macam dia. Benda ni aku alami dalam 3,4 bulan lepas, yang mana aku sangat kagum dengan supervisor aku sendiri. She a successful woman in her area, have so many research grant, so many papers publish, high KPI, have so many students under her supervision, produced good students with so many papers and blablabla good. She never failed give me courage to finish my work, a loser fuck*d up student like me, she never ever ditch me. Her kindness and patience catch my heart, I adored her so much, want to be like her, successful researcher, and give big contribution to people. I even jogged with her almost everyday, eventho i hate jogging very much, went eating with her every night after working, accompanied her almost every weekend at faculty, working. I like her so much, I can even say I love her, until I knew the true things about her, how she actually handle things, her life now, and also her feeling just faded...I am shocked. Very shocked. My respect towards her...Gone.


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