Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tips on how to be happy when you are alone. How to have fun with yourself

Loneliness is the worst fear that a human being can cope with, it drives you to self destruction and ends in suicide. So here are some tips to eliminate your loneliness and staying happy alone. Be happy and you will succeed in everything that you desire.


1. Find a hobby, your very own. Make sure that hobby becomes an obsession. or at least it comes close to it.

2. Avoid getting trapped by making too many commitments. Spend time with yourself. Not that I am telling you to be idle and lazy rather do the things that you love.

3. Always have the desire to learn something new. Change is always challenging but when the attempt to change have been done you will feel that you have at least tried to something new and different.

4. Do not, I repeat Do not get dis hearted or dis appointed and never worry.It is a part of life. You can use the Anti-worry technique below to train your mind and be clear.

5. Always Love yourself. No matter what you like, or what ever you are. But not get egoistic.

6. Anti-Worry technique: It has only 3 steps to follow, whenever you are on the crossroads of fear and worry due to anything, use it.

Step 1: Whats the worst that can happen to you?
Step 2: Accept the worst mentally
Step 3: Improve your worst result now.

You will be clear headed, and will be thinking straight without any worries or fears because when you will accept your worst result they will automatically go away.

7. You are never alone. God is always with you. You can always talk to Him.

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